Our Commitment to You

Counseling is entering into a therapeutic relationship between a therapist and client. Clients come burdened with pain, confusion, and distress from daily living. Healing starts with your courage, commitment, and a desire for change. As a therapist, Joan will listen, support and counsel you to achieve your goals.

 “This is all I can achieve! I’m not worthy, capable or good enough!” are the messages that run through our minds.

You are worthy to have peace, love and joy be your new normal.

You don’t need to live trapped in negative beliefs, unhealthy relationships and situations, unfulfilling jobs and a poor self-image. Counseling can be a way to identify negative self images and beliefs, break from the entrapment and negativity and reconnect to your peaceful, loving self.

Life is too valuable to let it slip away.

The journey to a more peaceful, satisfying and purposeful life is more easily and quickly achieved by walking with a professional, skilled counselor that can help you clarify desires, teach new communication and relationship skills and guide your choices to a healthier, happier life.

The End Result is your Triumphant Endeavor leading to greater peace, love and joy.