Counseling Services

Counseling services support individuals, couples, families, and groups of individuals in their journeys to emotional and spiritual wellness.

  • Individual counseling helps to gain perspective on presenting problems, on minimizing stress and emotional upset, and reaching goals.
  • Our group sessions are powerful and effective ways to experience one’s connection to other people, to receive and give support and encouragement, and to celebrate one’s achievements and growth.
  • Specialty areas are women issues, socialization and communication skills, ADHD, personal awareness and growth, groups and family, and parenting challenges.

Walking in to a first session of counseling takes determination and courage. Establishing a trusting, caring connection with a therapist is the first step. Joan Lopina’s warmth and down to earth, non-judgmental manner will ease you into a therapeutic, healing experience. Her years of experience gives her wisdom and insight to assist you in achieving your desires and goals for counseling. You’ll be surprised by the relief that can come knowing that there is help along your journey. After the first step, the rest is determined by one’s goals and desires thus varying in length of sessions.


  • Relief from stressful situations, anxiety, depression, trauma
  • Management and understanding of one’s emotional, psychological and spiritual self
  • Support during life’s transitions, such as losses, divorce, death of loved ones
  • Improved communication skills and understanding of various relationship dysfunction
  • Gaining new confidence, raising one’s self-esteem, enriching personal and family life
  • Strengthening and healing of a marriage stuck in routine, boredom, misunderstandings, disillusionment, hurts
  • Rebuilding a marriage after an affair

Are You Ready to…

  • Make the time to feel better?
  • Work on understanding yourself and others?
  • Live a happy, fulfilling, purposeful and successful life?

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