Child and Parent Resources

Through various educational programs that heighten awareness, increases knowledge and develops skills, Triumphant Endeavors circumvents future problems, which can be devastating to individuals and families. Courses for parents, can direct the parents of young children on the right path to avoiding problems that become harder to address later. Our series on various parenting workshops can give parents and educators effective tools to raise capable, responsible, and respectful children. Children can learn about emotional health and positive attitudes which give them an advantage over life’s challenges and stress.

  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior   12 hour class for parents, teachers and child care providers
  • The Can-Do Kid: Life Skills for Children  5  sessions of 1.5 hours for children ages 9-12
  • Numerous parenting topics that generally run for 1.5 hours each

Classes and workshops for parents, educational staffs and children can be booked for your organization, school or church.

Call Triumphant Endeavors at (779) 205-3717 to create a tailored made program to meet your needs.

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