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Journey to Peace


Do you want more peace in your life?

Are you ready to let go of negative thinking?

Do you want to learn more effective ways to handle life’s challenges?

Then welcome to this workshop!

There rests within each of us a universal state of peace which cannot be disturbed or altered by our life experiences. In this universal state of peace there is no need or want of any kind. Fear in all of its manifestations disappears. Feeling the need for a “fix”, whether it be compulsive behaviors, substances or relationships, is dissolved. If we pause for a moment, we can catch a glimpse of what this state is like. Although illusive, somewhere in our memory we know that this universal state exists.

This workshop is intended to guide you to your true self, where you can connect to inner peace. It uses instruction, experiential processes and reflection to remove the blocks that prevent you from experiencing the peace, joy and love of your True Self.

This workshop is an opening to a life-long journey of expanding awareness, affirmation and healing. Welcome to the excitement of meeting your True Self!

Download or Print The Journey to Peace Brochure: